(Gửi lúc 15:30' 23/05/2012)
PRIMERGY Blade Servers provide a faster, simpler and lower-cost way to build and run an IT infrastructure for your midsize organization, branch office or large data center. You have the choice of two PRIMERGY Blade Server chassis that reflect Fujitsu’s quality and experience in server design. The PRIMERGY BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a box, enabling to react to rapidly changing needs. If you need maximum availability, particularly within a virtualized environment,...

(Gửi lúc 15:02' 23/05/2012)
PRIMERGY TX industry standard tower servers: efficient, rock solid, record-breaking performance. TX servers reach industry - leading performance per watt ratios, lowering the environmental impact and running costs. Local or remote management via PRIMERGY ServerView Suite saves IT admin costs. PRIMERGY towers provide plenty of scope for expansion and are also available in rack-mountable form.

(Gửi lúc 12:39' 23/05/2012)
PRIMERGY RX Rack Servers - the perfect platform to build-up dynamic infrastructures for your business processes today and in the coming decade. Built upon industry standards, they focus on these core features: energy efficiency, reliability, optimized for virtualization, ease of operation and maintenance, flexibility for your future. Thus they notably meet your requirements for outstanding cost efficiency. Optimal operating costs and long-term usability comply with the IT quality required by...

(Gửi lúc 11:28' 23/05/2012)
Máy chủ Fujitsu PRIMERGY MX Micro: đơn giản, hiệu quả và tin cậy.

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